Company Milestone

Trust Investment - Company Milestone

Company Milestone

CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” is one of the largest private lending firms in Russia, and we have been providing businesses with tailored funding solutions for over 18 years.

We are proud that.

  • We have funded over 92,700 Russian businesses and have over 21,000 business customers across Asia, Europe and the Middle-East.
  • We handle an annual client turnover of $6,000.000.000 (6 Billion Dollars) in Russia and Middle-East alone.
  • We provide funding of over $729,000.000 (729 Million Dollars) per year to enable Russian and Middle-East businesses to maximize their opportunities.

CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” is a global financial services provider, but we also have representatives in 9 countries.  This enables us to offer flexible funding solutions which are tailor made and delivered efficiently to your business.

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