Who is CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” ?

CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” was founded in 1996 and provides financing solutions to businesses in and outside the Russia. We provide financing both for projects and businesses.

– How soon are funds available?

CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” issues funds to clients through a bank wire transfer. This allows funds to be available as soon as the loan process is complete. The loan  process take anywhere from 4 to 12 days to complete depending on the requirements and how quickly documentation is provided.

– How long do I need to be in business?

CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” requires that a business is open for at least 3 months to be considered for funding.

– What type of Industries do you service?

CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” can assist a wide variety of business industries. If you do not see your specific industry type, our customer service representatives can assist via email.

– How do I apply?

Applications can be submitted by completing the Credit Request Questionnaire.

– What is the application process? 

The application process with CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” is a simple, once Credit Request Questionnaire is completed; CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” will review the information along-with particulars provided and contact you with a final offer as well as request any other documents that may be necessary to complete the process. A repayment structure will be determined and outlined before receiving funding.

–  Are there limitations to the use of funds we receive through CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” ? 

It is important for business owners to use the provided funding for business-related purposes only.

–  Is my information kept secure?

Your information and particulars are kept private. CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” does not provide client’s information to third parties.

–  What are your rates and fees?

We provide clients at competitive and flexible interest rates based on the business status and risk factors. The amount we offer is the amount a client receives in their Bank account minus any fees the receiving bank may access.

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