Manufacturing Financing

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Manufacturing is a diverse industry. From Automotive suppliers, Tool and Die Shops, and Steel Heat Treatment Plants, to Organic Soap Manufacturers, Furniture Manufacturers & Wholesalers and Football Helmet Manufacturers, we’ve provided creative and flexible working capital for all of these – and many more.

And, because manufacturing is such a diverse industry, we know each of you need different financial support. Fortunately, CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” can provide the financial help you need to help you succeed; manage growth and take advantage of business opportunities.

Whether you’re expanding a facility, purchasing new equipment, or looking for refinancing or recapitalization, we know that capital is the lifeblood of your business.

To suit your unique financial needs, we structure credit starting from $1 Million. We offer traditional and innovative solutions, like Industrial Project Financing.

We have experience in many sectors, from Food and Beverage, to Chemicals and Plastics, Metals and Mining, and more, and are happy to share our expertise about best practices to keep your manufacturing business on top.

Quick, Flexible & Competitive Financing

From timely, easy-access funding, to flexible, creative support services, CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” provides solutions that provide working capital for the Manufacturing industry and can help with:

  • Expansion | Acquisition | Growth
  • Restructuring & Refinancing
  • Turnarounds
  • Recapitalization
  • New Manufacturing Projects

Services That Make a Difference

CJSC “Trust-Investment Company” services go well beyond manufacturing financing. In fact, we offer solutions that can help your company with Risk Management and more.